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Telemetry System for Water Waste & Rural Water Management

Whether you’re overseeing a municipal wastewater management system or a commercial enterprise’s private water control system, it’s important to have both hardware and software you can depend on.

Without accurate water tank level monitoring, it’s also too easy to suffer costly supply run-outs. Worse, without an intelligent pump and valve system, you could end up dealing with serious unexpected infrastructure damage.

Our water telemetry and rural water management systems can help you stay on top of the entire process, preventing costly depletions and accidents, and allowing you to run more efficiently.

Water Level Monitoring & Control

Rugged Telemetry has been delivering systems to rural water operators, commercial enterprises, and government organizations for the last decade. Precision monitoring and control of critical water and wastewater infrastructure is our specialty.

Our water level monitoring systems are designed to work in the harshest of environments while providing extremely high reliability and proven return on investment. Whatever you need to properly monitor, manage, and maintain your water and wastewater system, we can provide it.

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Telemetry Solutions Designed For The Harshest Environments

Water and wastewater systems are often located in environments too challenging for conventional communications systems. Without the necessary water tank level sensor and control systems, water operators face severe implications in the event of a failure or loss of communications.

Rugged Telemetry has spent years developing and refining our systems to make connecting to these systems possible. We’re always up to the task!

Proven Return on Investment

The ultimate control is more affordable than ever. Our system provides better visibility, control, and reliability. Our customers are able to greatly reduce risk, increase efficiencies, and provide total visibility, all of which results in a strong ROI.

Configurable SCADA Systems

No two water systems are the same. From monitoring a single tank to complete command and control of a large municipal water system, Rugged Telemetry has the solution. 

We have spent years designing a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system that covers all of your critical components including sensors, meters, pumps, control valves, and tanks. Our water SCADA systems are endlessly configurable and easy to deploy.

One system, endless possibilities.

Tank Control System

Rugged Telemetry provides complete visibility of the flow of water in and out of any tank. Our Intelligence keeps water at desired levels whether pumps or valves are 100 feet away, or 100 miles away. The Tank Control System can also monitor local conditions, such as gates leading into the complex or a hatch to the piping. The Rugged Telemetry system is designed for easy in-field configuration or full remote configurations.

Pump / Valve Control System

Rugged Telemetry provides pump and valve control systems that ensure your supply tanks are always filled. In addition, the water control system provides comprehensive information such as suctions and discharge pressures, water flow, and much more.

Our system is highly intelligent and can autonomously respond to unexpected events to protect key components. For example, the system will shut down the pumps and notify proper personnel if it loses suction pressure. It will also continually monitor total flow volume and can identify early indications of downstream problems. 

All of our water control solutions provide edge intelligence. The pump controller will allow you to rotate your pumps by cycle or run hours, and set up multiple relays to your VFD to run at different frequencies at different times of the day. We even control the onsite generator so you only need to turn it on when the tanks need calling water.

No need to run it every time power goes out! Our pump control system is another step towards running a greener operation and saving money. 

Get Your Water Analytics Today

Contact us today to explore how Rugged Telemetry can transform your business with our robust and dependable solutions.

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WaterIQ Analytics and Management Platform

At Rugged Telemetry, providing complete control and 24/7 intelligence of your most remotely located water management assets (whether they are tanks, pumps, controllers, or even your vehicle fleet) is our specialty.

In addition to our easy-to-use water management system, we make the act of staying updated simple, with comprehensive, timely water analytics delivered via several different communications options.

From cellular to unlicensed RF to low earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary (GEO) satellites, Rugged Telemetry is a trusted expert in communications. We will recommend the best solution for your specific asset, no matter how difficult to reach or remote it is.

Dashboard of water iq analytics

Intelligent Water Control

With WaterIQ, it is possible to control, plan, optimize, and report on virtually every aspect of your water operations. WaterIQ puts the power of remote tank monitoring and water operations analytics in the palm of your hand, no matter where you are. The system can be managed from any computer or device that has an internet connection and does not require software, network infrastructure, or programmers.

  • Expandable, whether you have one tank or one hundred.

  • Versatile satellite, cellular, and RF communication

  • Alarm management and advanced notification system

  • Intuitive reporting for all needs

  • Integration with other systems

  • Advanced cyber security