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Oil and Gas Remote Monitoring

The oil and gas industry has been one of the fastest-growing IIoT groups as part of the larger utilities sector. These days, oil and gas together account for more than $3 trillion in income around the world.

However, despite the always-increasing global demand for oil and gas, the companies that produce and distribute these commodities can’t be content to coast along.

The industry is always in a state of flux. In the modern era, companies must consider elements such as improving operations, optimizing production, becoming more financially efficient, finding the best talent, and automating processes.

On that last point, this is where we at Rugged Telemetry know we can help. By allowing the oil and gas industry to do more through automated data collection, we help you to become quicker and leaner.

Think about the benefits of more efficient data collection in emergency conditions such as oil spills, which are sometimes difficult to reach.

Learn more below about how Rugged Telemetry uses its remote telemetry monitoring solutions to optimize your processes around oil and gas monitoring.

How Does Telemetry Improve Monitoring in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Oil and gas operate in some of the most remote locations in the world. Because of this, asset monitoring and predictive maintenance, worker health, and supply chain management are best managed from afar.

an industrial plant

The upstream, midstream, and downstream segments of these sectors benefit from the seamless framework of IIoT, as it creates a connected ecosystem within the entire infrastructure.

If we consider each phase of the oil and gas production cycle, we can see the intrinsic benefits of telemetry:

  • Upstream oil and gas companies perform the actual fieldwork of finding and extracting crude oil and gas

  • Midstream companies store and transport crude oil and gas materials for production at refineries

  • Downstream companies refine the raw materials and ultimately turn them into marketable products such as gasoline

Rugged Telemetry builds remote tank monitoring solutions for chemical injection systems and ISO tanks that provide analytics at remote sites. The data includes Key Performance Indicators like daily injection rates, in addition to supply chain visibility.

Tank monitoring combined with industry-centric sensor interfaces, wireless connectivity, and cloud analytics allows RT to provide additional telemetry solutions such as spill detection and remote equipment operation.

In the past, where so many of these operations and more would have cost a great deal more to maintain, the remote monitoring of telemetry allows the oil and gas industry to do more for less.

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