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© Rugged Telemetry - 2021


Fleet Management

Rugged Telemetry’s GPS fleet and asset management system was designed and built to meet the needs of mixed fleets requiring  strong ROI analytics for improving fleet efficiency. The system provides all of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that allow you to effectively manage maintenance and operating costs, maximize asset utilization, and automate common reports and driver behavior reports to help improve safety.

Remote Fleet and Asset Management

Standard KPIs

What are standard KPIs?  That answer is different depending on who you're asking and how they manage their fleet. KPIs begin with the collection of data including mileage, idle time, drive time, driving behavior, engine, and location information.  Then the data is published in a format based on your company needs.  This may be something simple, such as capturing the amount of time spent at a location to verify billing hours, or recording hours on the road for payroll verification.  Rugged Telemetry works with you to determine the KPIs that will enhance your business and then creates corresponding reports to help streamline your operation.

Real time Tracking LIVE

Real time tracking is an important tool for fleet managers. Having the ability to look on the map and use geospatial data helps dispatchers and managers coordinate deliveries, keep customers informed, and guide drivers.  Rugged Telemetry provides the map tools you need for a complete 360°  look into your fleet.


A geofence is a virtual perimeter around a specific location that allows the system to create advanced reports and alerts. Geofences are very powerful tools in a fleet management system.  They can be used to identify which equipment is located on specific sites.  You can quickly pull reports and know when and for how long you were at a customer’s site. Alarms can be triggered when entering geofences so you know when an employee gets to a customer site or when they leave. When this happens, you know that employees are on schedule for the next stop or available again to be dispatched.


Rugged Telemetry’s maintenance module allows you to create, manage, and schedule all of your maintenance activities and keep track of costs. Unlike traditional maintenance systems, Rugged Telemetry allows you to design maintenance events based on your business.  Do your assets transport food and need a special cleaning every three months? You can add and track that information, create detailed records, and even upload invoices from third party providers.


Rugged Telemetry’s easy-to-use notifications center allows you to create and manage notifications sent via SMS or email.

Satellite Tracking

In addition to cellular tracking devices, Rugged Telemetry has dual mode tracking devices for assets that work in remote areas where satellite communication is required.

Non-Powered Assets

  • Monitor your non-powered assets with a low-cost satellite tracking device.

  • Easy installation.

  • Great for containers, dumpsters, rental equipment, and frac tanks.

  • Allows you to monitor dwell time (the length of time an asset has been sitting).

  • Movement detection so you know when your assets have left a job site.