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Remote Tank

Remote Tank level Monitoring

Today’s demanding operational and regulatory pressures call for the latest in automated processing systems and controls, and Rugged Telemetry is the ideal partner to deliver where it counts.

Our wireless tank level monitoring systems are the most reliable and advanced systems in the industry today. We provide improved level measurement accuracy, making it possible to reduce cost, save time, and ensure regulatory compliance, especially those governing electronic records for accuracy, reliability, and electronic reporting.

Rugged Telemetry’s measurement technologies support these requirements better than anyone else’s.

What is a Tank level Monitoring System?

Knowing how much gas or liquid is in your tanks is crucial to managing your assets efficiently. Depleted tanks equate to lost revenues, not to mention the redirection of time and resources that could be put to better use elsewhere.

Through the use of wireless sensors and cloud-based database software, remote tank level monitoring allow you to stay up-to-date with how much of an asset you have, how much you have, and when you need it. This enables you to make the best decisions for your business or project, increasing efficiency and reducing unnecessary costs.

Rugged Telemetry offers a wide range of wireless tank monitoring technologies for use in the most challenging of environments. These technologies, combined with our user-friendly web-based software, TankiQ, make us the go-to partner in remote tank monitoring.

Rugged Telemetry offers monitoring solutions for oil tanks, water tanks, fuel tanks, chemical tanks, ISO tanks and even tanker trucks that act as mobile storage units. Whether you’re seeking solutions for a beverage and canning business or rural water and wastewater infrastructure, we can facilitate a remote tank level monitoring system to meet your needs.

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Tank Sensor Level Technology

How does tank telemetry work?

Critical to any effective tank monitoring solution are sensors that monitor and report gas and liquid levels inside the storage tanks. When it comes to these sensors, the two cornerstones of success are accuracy and precision.

Accuracy refers to measurements that are close to the true value; in other words, measurements that are close to how much gas or liquid is in the tank. Accuracy measures correctness.

Precision refers to measurements that are close to each other; in other words, measurements that are similar and reproducible. Precision measures exactness.

Something can be accurate without being precise, and something can be precise without being accurate. For a remote telemetry system to be effective, each and every liquid level sensor must score well in both accuracy and precision.

This is more difficult to achieve than one might assume, which is why Rugged Telemetry supports a wide range of liquid-level sensor types. This enables our systems to achieve accurate and precise measurements for a variety of chemicals and liquids, while operating in virtually any location.

Some examples of the tank level sensor types that we use include the following:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure

  • Guided-Wave Radar

  • Ultrasonic Level

  • Radar

hydrostatic sensor image

Hydrostatic pressure

The most common method for monitoring tanks, Hydrostatic Pressure tank sensors take a pressure reading at the bottom of the tank and calculate the height of the liquid (known as the static head pressure) based on that liquid’s specific gravity.

This can be accomplished using a submersible pressure transducer that is lowered to the bottom of your tank using an open port on the top of the tank or an exterior outlet near the bottom. This technology is most commonly used for water, but can also be used for oil and chemicals.

Guided-Wave Radar

For applications that require a high level of accuracy, guided wave radar is the preferred method. However, these sensors tend to have a higher cost than their Hydrostatic counterparts. Guided Wave Radar offers accuracy down to +/- 2MM and works in environments with dust, foam and heavy vapors. Guided Wave Radar can also be used to determine the interface between two media.

guided wave sensor image
ultrasonic tank monitoring sensor

Ultrasonic Level

Ultrasonic Level measurement is another common sensor technology used for measuring liquid levels. It works using the “time of flight” principle, which bounces sound waves off of the top of the liquid using the speed of sound. This process of measuring the distance between the transducer and the surface uses the time required for an ultrasound pulse to travel from a transducer to the fluid surface and back.

The benefits of Ultrasonic Level sensors include: no contact with the liquid, less maintenance, and easy installation. The disadvantages are that they are subject to interference from heavy vapors, surface turmoil, foam, ambient noise, and temperature. For some mediums, this is not an issue. Rugged Telemetry can help make that decision based on what is being measured and where the tank is located.


Radar level measurement is another tank monitoring sensor type. A well-known and reliable technology used to determine tank level, Radar operates on the time-of-flight method.

This means that Radar level sensors measure the distance from the reference point (process connection) to the product surface. Radar impulses (FMCW principle) are emitted by an antenna, reflected off the product surface, and received again by the radar system. The distance to the product surface is proportional to the travel time of the impulse.

Radar works well in conditions with high temperatures, high pressures, fine powders, or sticky fluids. However, as with Guided Wave Radar sensors, Radar technology is generally more expensive.

Rugged Telemetry works with our clients to determine what technology should be used based on our clients’ needs. Whether you need a single-tank or multi-tank monitoring system, our goal is always to provide customers with a solution that fits their budget and satisfies their requirements.

RADAR tank monitoring sensor

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At Rugged Telemetry, providing complete control and 24/7 intelligence of your most remotely located assets (whether they are tanks, pumps, controllers, or even your vehicle fleet) is our specialty.

When it comes to providing that critical link, there is no one right answer. That’s why we offer several different communications options. We are experts in cellular communication, low earth orbit (LEO) satellite, geostationary (GEO) satellite, unlicensed RF, and combinations of all of these.

Whatever the best solution is for your specific asset, no matter how difficult to reach or remote it is, Rugged Telemetry can provide it.

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Software and Platform for Remote Tank Monitoring

Accurate remote monitoring sensors and versatile communication solutions are important for successful tank monitoring, but so is accessibility. In other words, is the tank monitoring software easy to use?

At Rugged Telemetry, our answer is always “yes.”

Our TankiQ system is an extremely powerful yet easy-to-use cloud-based monitoring software for tank-level monitoring. The platform accommodates a wide range of tank types, such as water, oil, chemical, diesel, grain, and more. Furthermore, its ability to distinguish the type of tank and the medium being monitored allows us to deliver effective analytics, alerts, and reports. 

Additionally, the TankiQ monitoring platform allows remote tank management to send tank notification alerts. These notifications can be sent via email, smartphones, text messages, or even phone calls.

Get a full status overview of all your tanks in a single view Change the columns to the data that will help streamline your operation, and easily export the data to Excel for reports or meetings.

Dashboard of Rugged Telemetry tank monitoring tool

Take a deep dive into a single tank where you can look at reports and KPIs.  You’ll find all of the data for a single tank on one screen.

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The location information of ISO tanks and other mobile tanks is just as important as the liquid level.  TankiQ doubles as a full logistics and level monitoring platform offering a complete set of mapping tools.

Map for real time live tracking

TankiQ comes with  stock reports to help manage your business. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can work with our engineering team to get a custom report created.

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Power & Control of Your Tanks

Monitoring and control is impossible without power. That’s why all our telemetry system designs are optimized for demanding SCADA applications, with long battery life and frequent reporting intervals

.A well-thought-out power system can keep your critical equipment online, all the time. And since no two sites are the same, we offer a wide range of options, including systems that can be plugged in or that operate on solar and multi-year battery systems.

The right connection can make all the difference. Once a tank or valve is connected to the cloud, your connected infrastructure becomes an intelligent infrastructure. Rugged Telemetry’s TIQ and CIQ series of tank and pump controllers can be configured to react to conditions locally, providing complete visibility and control of your tanks, valves, pumps, and other equipment.