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© Rugged Telemetry - 2021


Our Expert Telemetry Services

Rugged Telemetry provides services that make your industrial processes easier, faster, and more efficient.

Telemetry allows for the remote transmission of data from inaccessible points to information-management systems for collection and analysis.

Most of our customers for whom we provide telemetry solutions are companies that constantly manage industrial processes such as utility deliveries, wastewater treatment, fleet management, beverage production and canning, farming, and so much more.

Without telemetry, so many of the processes surrounding these industries would become inefficient, impractical, and cost-prohibitive. As companies continue to look for ways to optimize their ongoing operations in the future, telemetry will become more vital than ever.

Learn more below about what’s involved in our professional telemetry services.

Telemetry System Design

With a deep knowledge of the Internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M), Rugged Telemetry offers quality telemetry system design, telemetry monitoring, and integration services for all industries. We can design and build telemetry solutions for the most challenging conditions through partnerships with our leading multinational cellular and satellite carriers, sensor vendors, and a team of IoT design specialists.

RT has developed processes and platforms to launch turnkey telemetry systems quickly and cost-effectively on time and within budget. We’re your all-in-one telemetry services solution.

Dashboard for monitors

Enclosure Design

With the growing demand for telemetry units and other wireless solutions in telemetry services nationwide, Rugged Telemetry offers turnkey enclosure designs to house and power your wireless routers. We design our enclosures for optimal RF performance, easy in-field installation, and wiring.

RT uses a range of internal and external antennas that will meet your installation needs. You can imagine how useful this technology can be in utility management and so many other industrial areas.

We take a collaborative approach to our enclosure designs by providing Auto CAD layouts to our customers. This generates quality precise designs before panel fabrication is constructed.

Rugged Telemetry also has a 7,500-square-foot panel fabrication shop to handle projects of all sizes and specifications.

turnkey enclosure designs of telemetry iot devices

System Integration:

  • Controls Engineering

  • PLC (Programable Logic Controllers)

  • HMI & SCADA (Human Machine Interfaces)

  • Panel Design & Fabrication

  • Computer Aided Design

  • Field Wiring Installations

Software used:

  • Rockwell Software - RsLogix500, RsLogix5000, Studio, FactoryTalk

  • Unitronics - Unistream, Vision

  • Siemens S7 Simatic

  • Versatile in other PLC manufacturers as well

  • Ignition

  • Wonderware

IoT consulting

Rugged Telemetry has over 30 years of experience in the industrial IoT space. Our team integrates SCADA systems, remote terminal units, programmable logic controllers, and custom board designs as part of our telemetry services to transform ideas into commercially viable solutions.

We design and build end-to-end IIoT solutions and understand the broad ecosystem of the industrial IoT space. We can guide you through the process to avoid the pitfalls and keep you on target and within budget.