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IoT for Agriculture Industry

Smart farming has been at the forefront of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. The world’s growing population and rapidly changing climate have pushed the industry to produce more, using less space and water while taking less time.

Leaders in the agriculture industry have had to adjust their strategies and develop more technologically proficient systems to meet the challenges of modern times. The agricultural sector can not afford to slip into inefficiency. 

Rugged Telemetry can assist the agriculture industry at this critical point. Read on for more on how our smart agricultural system, products and services can help your business move forward with a robust operations model.

The Role of IOT in the Agriculture Sector

Data Analytics and Decision Support Systems

The Industrial Internet of Things and the typical Internet of Things (IoT) serve as powerful data collectors. However, an IIoT system can collect and analyze more data than an IoT. In addition, their contextual utility is the most significant difference between them, as IIoTs are often used in more industrial settings.

Climate and Environmental Monitoring

The agriculture industry uses IIoT to get higher yields on staple crops with the limited availability of natural resources. This is accomplished through a network of sensors and cloud-based artificial intelligence that allow for precision farming.

Livestock Monitoring and Management

IIoT is an invaluable tool for the agriculture industry, as it keeps an accurate and easily accessed count of everything a company has to offer. In this way, a company should always know how much of a product they have and how much they will need going forward. This approach has been an enormous help to the agriculture industry and allows for more efficient production.

Crops begin to sprout from a field a soil

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IIoT in Agriculture: Nurturing Crops, Nourishing Futures

The precise amount of fertilizer and water needed at a particular time is based on a carefully calculated amount of necessary rain and the temperature. Sensors from the soil that calculate the ideal conditions tell the farmers exactly what they need to know.

The IIoT solutions we offer are focused on helping farmers meet the growing demand by ensuring higher yields than traditional farming methods, profitability, and protection of the environment.

The precision farming that is possible in this day and age is not only impressive; it is necessary. Rugged Telemetry considers the solutions we offer to be essential, and we make every effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible. With the IIoT services we provide in your company’s arsenal, you will be able to work faster and safer than ever before.

Rugged Telemetry Can Help the Agriculture Industry

Rugged Telemetry works with farmers on monitoring and providing edge intelligence on water levels and remote pump control, fertilizer, and fuel levels on remote tanks. Our cloud-based infrastructure offers real-time analytics on all of the essential agricultural information.

From rural water and wastewater to beverages and canning, Rugged Telemetry offers fantastic service to various industries. We can bring your operations to a technically good place or build on the progress you have already made.