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Smart farming has been at the forefront of the IIoT revolution, The growing population and changing climate have pushed the industry to produce more using less space, less water, and less time.  In order to get these higher yields on staple crops with the limited availability of natural resources, the agriculture industry is using Iot.  This is accomplished through a network of sensors and cloud-based AI that allow for precision farming. The precise amount of fertilizer and water is based on rain, temperature, and sensors from the soil that tell the farmers exactly what they need to know.  

IIoT solutions are focused on helping farmers meet growing demand by ensuring higher yields than traditional farming methods, profitability, and protection of the environment. Rugged Telemetry works with farmers on monitoring and providing edge intelligence on water levels and remote pump control, fertilizer, and fuel levels on remote tanks and our cloud-based infrastructure to provide real-time analytics.

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