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© Rugged Telemetry - 2021


Utility & Phase Monitoring

Every modern business needs electrical power to run. However, when the equipment generating, storing, and transmitting that power isn’t functioning properly, it can create serious (and expensive) problems.

Rugged Telemetry is here to help your business satisfy all its power needs. With the utility-monitoring capabilities of advanced telemetry systems like our PoweriQ technology, you can rest assured knowing that your electrical system is operating exactly as it should.

Three Phase Monitoring

A very high percentage of commercial and industrial companies require a 3-phase electrical circuit to be provided by their utility company.

Many different types of systems, especially those utilizing 3-phase motors, depend on the accuracy and consistency of the independent phases. An out of phase or loss of a phase does not necessarily mean that the equipment/system would shut down, as motors usually will continue to operate at a reduced speed.

However, the current in the remaining phases will typically increase considerably, which can cause internal heating of the motor components and damaging vibrations. This condition can create major costly problems for both the consumer and the utility providing the power. This makes phase monitoring a critical component of effective power management. That’s where Rugged Telemetry’s PoweriQ 3-phase voltage monitor comes in.

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PoweriQ for Monitoring Three Phase Power

The PiQ 600 Series of utility power monitoring products by Rugged Telemetry is an end-to-end solution for monitoring 3-phase power. These products are designed to continually monitor the voltage of each phase independently and, more importantly, notify the utility and/or end-user when a phase is lost or starts to go out of acceptable tolerance.

The information provided by the PiQ 600 telemetry monitor tech can alert both the customer and the utility so engineering can quickly shut down systems, avoiding critical failures and costly repairs or replacements.

The PiQ 600 Series was designed to facilitate power quality monitoring for both utilities and industrial customers. Installed at the meter monitoring the source, before it enters the building, the PiQ 600 enables critical operational data to be reported back to the utilities over the existing infrastructure. 

When the system is installed by end-users, this power analytics data is routed back to Rugged Telemetry’s cloud-based monitoring system, which then provides real-time data and alerts to the user. This allows the user to diagnose potential issues before they become more serious problems.

Rugged Telemetry’s PiQ 600 Series of products are powerful Industrial IoT edge intelligence devices. The user can configure the device for 120, 240, or 480 volt systems through a local web service interface. The device also provides visual indications of operation and logs outages to its internal memory so local technicians have access to this data when working onsite.

 The PiQ600 Series also has an optional supercap power bank that can power the device for up to 25 minutes when power is lost and re-charges in a matter of minutes when power is restored. This provides more than enough overhead to notify the utilities or the customer when power is lost.

Dashboard of utility phase monitoring