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Telemetry for the Utilities Industry

Utilities have always leveraged available technology to optimize and control assets, increase safety, control the grid, and keep the lights on.

Even though the major utilities such as oil and gas, electricity, and water are still delivered to homes in much the same way, the people and processes around them have had to shift with the times.

Issues such as climate change, destructive weather, and the push toward clean energy have forced the utilities industry to adapt and innovate their procedures.

Of course, at the end of it all, the point is the reliable delivery of utility services to customers.

The importance of utilities today is exactly why Rugged Telemetry has developed telemetry solutions specifically for the utilities industry. We can help utility companies to perfect their processes, become more efficient, and ultimately save resources by optimizing their remote monitoring.

Learn more below about the ways that our innovations benefit utilities, including water, oil and gas, and electricity.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure in the Utilities Industry

The most common-use case in the utilities industry is advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), where smart meters provide a direct link from the consumers back to the utilities. This enables them to not only monitor usage, but also to offer incentives to help balance the grid.

The way AMI works is pretty simple (made that way these days by telemetry). Customer meters track the amount of resources going to the location. The meter transmits this information to a meter interface unit. From that, the utility’s information-management system received a flow value that goes into what the customer owes.

The telemetry devices that we can set up for you help to make this entire process as efficient as possible.

SCADA Systems

SCADA Systems (supervisory control and data acquisition) have also been in place with the utility industry since the early 1950s.

SCADA is normally a network of sensors, relays, actuators, and a user interface that captures data for analysis. The information goes from the pumps and valves to your information-collection system for documenting and analysis.

Rugged Telemetry is happy to provide water SCADA telemetry and set up other SCADA systems for the needs of companies across the utilities industry.


The demand for electricity has never been higher. The breakthrough of electric vehicles and climate change has increased the demand for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

Electrical devices transmit data as voltages to utility companies’ information systems, and from those figures, the companies can derive monetary values.

Whether it’s for monitoring heavy electrical equipment or tracking electricity as a utility, Rugged Telemetry is here to provide your efficient telemetry solutions in the energy-distribution sector.

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