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Water Telemetry & Rural Water Management

Rugged Telemetry has created an out of the box SCADA / Telemetry solution that is low cost and easy to install for Rural Water operators. The WateriQ system can be managed from any computer or device that has an internet connection and does not require software, network infrastructure, or programmers.

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System Architecture


Our standalone tank monitoring solution continuously monitors tank levels in real time and sends this data to our WateriQ cloud based SCADA system. The tank control unit has all the critical information of when to turn on a pump or open a valve and will send those commands in real-time when water level reaches the assigned thresholds.

RT’s tank control system works in any environment and is equipped to run on battery with solar back up along with our low-cost satellite services which ensure complete coverage regardless of tank location.

PRV/Booster Controller

The RT controller system (CIQ100P) comes configured to operateand monitor two valves (Lead & Lag) or two booster pumps in addition to monitoring suction pressure, discharge pressure and flow.The CIQ100P control unit sends this information to our cloud based monitoring system where operators can manage and monitor status. Operators are capable of observing water trends. This enables operators to identify problems or variations in water usage patterns.

The RT system architecture allows for operators small or large to slowly develop their systems since each controller runs independently. We provide operators with the training and support to effectively manage their water systems.

WateriQ was designed to accommodate any system giving operators complete command and control over the rural water system.

Rugged Telemetry’s WateriQ system operates over satellite providing complete coverage even in the most remote areas giving you confidence that your equipment will always be within communication range and eliminates the need for expensive RF systems.

Remote notifications keep your operators informed 24/7. We designed our notification center to be flexible and highly configurable with easy access to turn notifications on and off. Notification are alerts that can be sent via SMS, email or chat. Tank level alarms, pump status, loss of power and power being resorted are all part of our WateriQ telemetry system.

Key Advantages

  • No software to purchase or maintain.
  • Each component of the system operates independently which allows operators to build out over time or just add the components needed.
  • Can easily be integrated into larger SCADA systems to manage the remote assets with external API’s.
  • Rural Water cloud platform gives real-time visibility into the operation of your water system and provides real-time configurable alerts when something is amiss.
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