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Tank Monitoring

The demand for automated processing systems and process control along with a growing regulatory environment drive rugged telemetry to deliver the most reliable wireless tank monitoring systems in the industry. Improved level measurement accuracy makes it possible to reduce cost, and save time. Regulations, especially those governing electronic records, set stringent requirements for accuracy, reliability, and electronic reporting. Rugged Telemetry’s measurement technologies support these requirements.

Rugged Telemetry offers a wide range of wireless tank monitoring technologies that will work in the most challenging environments. These technologies combined with our user-friendly web based software TankiQ make us the preferred partner in remote tank monitoring.

Rugged Telemetry offers tank monitoring solutions for oil tanks, water tanks, fuel tanks, chemical tanks and even tanker trucks that act as mobile storage units.

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Sensor Level Technology

We have a wide range of sensor technology to match the needs of our customers. Some of the most common are:

Hydrostatic Pressure Example

Hydrostatic pressure - measuring the pressure exerted by a fluid at equilibrium at a given point within the fluid, due to the force of gravity of the liquid being measured. This technology is commonly used in water tanks or any liquid which specific gravity does not change.

Guided Wave Example

Guided-Wave Radar (GWR) is a contacting level measurement method that uses a probe to guide high-frequency electromagnetic waves from a transmitter to the media being measured. GWR offers accuracy down to +/- 2MM and works in environments with dust, foam and heavy vapors.

Ultrasonic Example

Ultrasonic Level Sensors measure the distance between the transducer and the surface using the time required for an ultrasound pulse to travel from a transducer to the fluid surface and back.

Additionally, we can use Capacitance Level Transmitters, Magnetostrictive Level Transmitters & Laser Level Transmitters.


Rugged Telemetry is also the leading provider of satellite communications for tank level monitoring utilizing multiple satellite networks in addition to traditional cellular and long range RF.

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Software / Platform

TankiQ is the most advanced yet easy to use cloud based monitoring software that delivers advanced analytics, remote management of tanks and notification alerts that can be sent to email, smart phones or even phone calls.


Rugged Telemetry designs its products around optimized power management allowing for long battery life. Rugged Telemetry also provides solar solutions for high frequency and SCADA applications.


Some applications require control along with tank monitoring. Rugged Telemetry can provide these multifunctional solutions to automate the open and closing of valves or manipulating the power of a pump weather it’s ten feet or ten miles away. We also provide remote management of pumps and valves for manual control.


Rugged Telemetry products are designed for easy installation and set up to assist in decreasing expenses. A team of fully trained installation technicians is available for on-site installation and set-up.

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