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TankIQ 110P is the most versatile tank monitoring solution on the market today for industrial tank farms. Designed for the ever - changing industrial environment, the 110P features a 5” touch screen for easy on - site configuration of your system, such as adding and configuring sensors, setting and adjusting alarms or manually controlling valves and pumps. And when needed, the 110P can be accessed remotely using Rugged Telemetry’s unparalleled array of satellite, cellular or RF wireless communications links.

The 110P also seamlessly integrates into existing SCADA systems, adding an array of new capabilities, such as process automation, control relays, or for adding additional input/ output such as sensors, controllers and more.

The 110P has been fully integrated into TankIQ, Rugged Telemetry’s back - office platform. TankIQ gives full visibility and analysis for users and vendors, perfect for managing inventory and consumption.

Product Image
Product Image



Polycarbonate Enclosure

16” x 14” x 7”


Nominal input voltage Ui nom AC 100 … 240 V

Input voltage range AC 90 … 264 V; DC 125 … 375 V


1-4 Tanks

Inputs / Outputs

6 Digital Inputs for Low & high switch’s

6 Outputs for Control or notification into SCADA system

Configurable Sensor Inputs

Radar / Ultrasonic

Pressure Transducer


Visual indicators

High/Low level alerts

High/Low level Switches



Tank detections

Fill Detection

Discharge Detection


Compatible with TankIQ platform


Cellular (LTE) or Satellite

Volume Calculations

Tank Size and Shape

Upload Strapping Tables

Touch Screen

5” Touch Screen

All setting can be managed remotely over the air

TiQ-110P – Programmability

The TiQ-110P has an advanced user interface that allows the customer to easily configure visual appearance of tank level data along with ability to make changes to sensors, tanks and alarms.

Product Image
Product Image
Product Image
Product Image

TankIQ Platform

TankiQ is an extremely powerful, yet easy to use, cloud - based monitoring platform for tank level monitoring. The software will accommodate a wide range of tank types, such as water, oil, chemical diesel & grain and so on. Having the ability to distinguish the type of tank and the medium being monitored, allows us to deliver effective analytics, alerts and reports. The platform allows remote tank management to set tanks notification alerts. The notifications can be sent via email, smart phones, text messages, or even phone calls.

Product Image

Product Image

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Rugged Telemetry products are designed for easy installation and set up to assist in decreasing expenses. A team of fully trained installation technicians is available for on-site installation and set-up.

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