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Multiband Antennas Limited was formed in 2000 to focus on combination antennas for the satellite tracking and remote monitoring industries. With an emphasis on small footprint, low profile & multi-frequency antennas for LEO satellite networks, Multiband works very closely with the Iridium and Orbcomm networks but also develops antennas for the Globalstar and Thuraya satellite networks. With manufacturing partners in South Africa, Slovakia and Italy, Multiband have a first class range of high quality antenna products covering 130MHz to 5.4GHz.

ControLogic Logo

ControLogic, Inc. is a professional controls engineering firm that was established in December 1995 in Danville, Kentucky. Being started by its two partners, ControLogic has over 40 years combined experience in Control Engineering Design & PLC programming.

Buckman Jet Drilling Logo

Buckman Jet Drilling, Inc., BJD, has developed patented radial jet drilling methods and technology to economically enhance the production of oil and gas wells. Based on high-pressure jet drilling technology, the BJD drilling system provides a highly economical method for significantly enhancing oil and gas production on both existing wells and new wells.

Teezle Logo

Teezle is an emerging leader in the "Internet of Things" space that delivers a comprehensive cloud infrastructure for enterprise companies to build, run and scale their IoT operations effortlessly. Teezle helps companies gain process intelligence without human intervention and utilize the gathered real-time intelligence to improve efficiency, reduce costs, introduce new services and gain competitive advantage.

Advisory Board Section

Martin Holleran

Mr. Holleran in his 35 year career has over twenty years experience as President and Chief Executive Officer of marketing and technology companies. Currently, Vice Chairman of Merryck and Company, the world’s leading CEO Mentoring Company.

Mr. Holleran brings significant general management experience in sales, marketing, manufacturing, acquisitions, start-ups, new ventures, major turnarounds and invigorating dormant businesses. Mr. Holleran spent most of his career with the General Electric Company where he rose to Vice President and Corporate Officer. His specialty is fixing companies and has done so as President and CEO at companies such as: Electrolux Home Care, NA. GENCA (General Cable), Emerson Radio and Thomson Consumer Electronics (RCA).

John Weldon

Mr. Weldon is a global technology consultant and President of a privately held specialty consulting firm focused on “go to market” strategies for early stage technology companies and transaction advisory services for established companies Prior to his current role, John held several roles with Comtech Telecommunications (NASDQ: CMTL). As Vice President of Strategic Initiatives for Comtech Mobile, he led strategic acquisitions of GPS and LBS companies. During his time at Comtech, CMDC designed, developed, manufactured, sold, and deployed over $1 Billion dollars in GPS tracking and messaging hardware and software products globally.

Later, as President of ComtechTolt, John led an organization focused on the use of handheld devices, mobile terminals, and terrestrial communications to improve service in the transportation, healthcare, and location services vertical markets.

Troy Edwards

With almost three decades of Engineering, Operational and Management Experience, and the Development of Customer Trust, Troy Edwards has established a company that has excelled in applying new technologies in the material handling industry, oil and gas industry, and other markets. From applying the experiences of designing electronic systems used in the Apache Helicopter to current day satellite M2M communication protocols, he has built his company to become a leader of applying advanced technology to industries and markets that have become stagnant.

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