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Remote Fleet & Asset Management

Rugged Telemetry GPS fleet & asset management was designed and built to meet the needs of mixed fleets looking for strong ROI analytics on improving fleet efficiency. The system provides all the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that allow you to effectively manage maintenance and operating costs, maximize asset utilization and automate common report’s along with driver behavior reports to help improve safety.

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Standard KPI’s

Mileage, Idle Time, Drive Time, Harsh Driving Behavior, engine hours and asset utilization.


Real-time Tracking LIVE

Geospatial user interface to monitor your fleet live.


Easily create and manage geofences that can be used to drive reports and alerts.


Rugged Tracks maintenance module allows you to create, manage and schedule all of your maintenance activities and keep track of costs.


Rugged track’s easy to use notifications center allows you to create and manage notifications that can be sent via SMS or email.

Satellite Tracking

In addition to cellular tracking devices Rugged Telemetry has dual mode tracking devices for assets that work in remote areas where satellite communication is required.

Non-Powered Assets

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