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Dynamic Rod Pump Controller

Rugged Telemetry’s Dynamic Rod Pump Controller is a complete well management system that is revolutionizing how the oil industry monitors and controls marginal oil producing wells. The Rugged Telemetry system is a low-cost, robust solution for enhancing production efficiency, lowering energy consumption, reducing equipment maintenance costs, and decreasing the labor costs associated with oil well monitoring. Using reliable global satellite communications, Rugged Telemetry’s Dynamic Rod Pump Controller provides well owners with real-time information about the operational status of their equipment anywhere in the world, including pump cycle data, critical alerts and oil production. Rugged Telemetry’s customers can receive this critical data where and when they need it – on their computer, smart phone or both – without ever having to be in the field.

The Rugged Telemetry system is comprised of a well sensor and control box unit. The sensor is designed as a stand-alone, external attachment to the well head. There are no down hole accessories or monitoring devices. The sensor is attached at the well head. The control box unit is powered using a 110VAC/220VAC single phase or a solar panel/battery 24VDC power source, which can be easily changed to suit varying power source requirements.

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Remote Pump Management and Control

  • Maximize Oil Production Efficiency
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Improve Environmental Footprint
  • Decrease Energy Consumption
  • Real-time Alerts
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Advantages For Well Owners

Rugged Telemetry’s Dynamic Rod Pump Controller goes beyond just well monitoring. With real-time updates via satellite communications, the Rugged Telemetry system enables well owners to monitor and control their equipment effectively right from their computer or smart phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From dynamically adjusting pump cycle times to reach a well’s highest percentage of run time to sending immediate alerts when a pump malfunctions, Rugged Telemetry’s Dynamic Rod Pump Controller is the ideal solution for increasing operational efficiency and reducing the costs to manage oil wells worldwide. The bottom-line benefits include:

Oil production efficiency – By pumping shorter cycles, power consumption is greatly reduced, which maximizes energy savings. By only pumping when fluid is present, the well owner can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on critical pump components and motors and potentially increase the volume of oil production.

Elimination of oil spills and leaks – The high-pressure control sensor integrated into the Rugged Telemetry valve allows the well owner to run the well year round, even in cold weather. Under normal conditions, the pump will shut down due to high flow line pressure caused by low temperature, and the owner will receive an immediate alarm via text or e-mail from the Well Watcher Assistant, Rugged Telemetry’s real-time visibility tool.

Reduced well cup failure – With complete control over pump down, the owner will never pump the well dry, improving operational safety and saving on costly cup burnouts.

Decreased brine – By pumping frequently only in the oil zone above the water level and not over pumping, the owner will pump less brine and more oil. Less brine waste also helps reduce disposal costs and ensure the well production system is environmentally friendly.

* Rugged Telemetry’s Dynamic Rod Pump Controller can be installed easily by the well owner on any existing well. The unit requires no maintenance, and the upgrades to its programmable features can be made efficiently without interrupting production.

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Well Watcher Assistant - Real-time Visibility Tool

Reliable communications and broad network coverage are essential to maximize the benefits of Rugged Telemetry’s Dynamic Rod Pump Controller. After the desired initial settings are entered into the system, the unit is ready to transmit all operating data to a computer, smart phone or both via global satellite communications. Rugged Telemetry’s dynamicWellWatcher Assistant can provide the following critical data or alerts to the operator on a recurring basis:

  • Pump “off time” for the last cycle, including running histories
  • Percentage of “on time” relative to “off time,” including running histories
  • Alerts for high line pressure
  • Alerts for watchdog fault once the run attempts have been reached
  • Alerts for sensor fault once the run attempts have been reached
  • Alerts for loss of vacuum, if using a vacuum pump
  • Storage tank levels
  • Oil production rate in BPD*
  • Down hole pressure

* requires operator estimate of water cut percentage, if any
The operator will receive valuable dashboard data summaries for every well. Pump settings, cycle setting changes and relevant histories are easily monitored from your computer. Additionally, any pump setting(s) can be changed from your computer or smart phone, virtually eliminating site visits to the field.

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